Confetti candle holders

I saw Radical Possibilty’s Confetti Tumblers based on a bunch of tumblers sold by Anthropologie and decided I had to try to make my own. But not tumblers, instead, candle holders. I’m thrilled with how they came out:

Finished confetti candle holders

They’re so pretty and festive, plus inexpensive.

Supplies: Plain glass candle holders, a variety of paint (I used Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Satin) and Q-tips


Make sure you wash your candle holders. Wipe down the outside of the glass with rubbing alcohol to make sure it’s free of residue.

You only need to use a small amount of paint for this entire project. I used seven different colors of paint. Put a little dollop of paint on a paper plate, or whatever you usually use to put paint on. Then dip the tip of the Q-tip into the paint. Start putting dots randomly all the way around your candle holder.

Start making dots all the way around the bottom of the candle holder

Start with one color, the move on to another and another and so forth until you have put dots for all your paints on the glass. You can go back to fill in or make the first colors more prominent. Keep going until you’re satisfied with your design. You’ll end up with this:

Keep dotting around the candle holders until you’re happy with the pattern

Now, if you use a gloss enamel paint, you could bake to cure them or just let them sit out for 21 days. You shouldn’t need to spray with a sealant.

If you try this share a link!

Original pin

Thirty Handmade Days


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