Homemade snack pack

I have had an addiction to Reese’s Pieces lately. Not good, especially when I’m eating them by the bag! In order to try and snack a bit healthier during the day — and avoid the $1.25 bag of sweet peanut buttery goodness from the vending machine — I’m trying out my own snack packs.

I tried finding the tuperware containers that are divided already, but I came up empty. I found these deep rectangles that have a dressing cup that snaps to the top of the lid and I filled them with snacks I like:

I’m a little weird. I’ll admit it. I don’t like a lot of crunchy vegetables. Some of them, like carrots, I’ll only eat cooked. I don’t eat celery or peppers of any sort at any time.

So my snack pack includes grape tomatoes, snap peas, six cubes of cheese and five crackers.

The dressing is Kraft Three Cheese Ranch Lite. I am in love with this dressing, btw. Too bad it’s so hard to find! I was able to find it at Jewel for awhile and I stocked up, but now I may have to order from Amazon. Sigh. I will too because it’s my the creamy dressing of choice. If you like a vinaigrette though, I highly suggest Kraft’s Sun Dried Tomato.

I bought six blocks of cheese on sale and then I chopped them up. Colby jack, sharp cheddar and swiss. Yum.

The crackers are reduced fat. Five crackers are 70 calories, not that I count calories. But I decided to stick to the serving size listed on the side of the box.

I packed them all up and put them in the fridge. Easy to grab in the morning. Simple to pack at the beginning of the week. I might try baby corn and olives in the future.

Anyone else have any ideas for my snack packs? Would love to hear some suggestions.

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