Getting organized

Next on Make That Pin week, it’s actually a bunch of pins.

cleaning and organizing 3


I’m mixing up a whole bunch of pins from my Organizing and Cleaning board.

Sorry there are no before photos, but I’d rather not show how crazy messy this closet was. I had trouble closing the door, I couldn’t see all my craft supplies, I had a box of glasses that were sitting outside the closet cause there wasn’t enough room. It was time to fix it.

cleaning and organizing 1


So I found the blue baskets — which hold various adhesives, spray paints and then all the ribbons I have — at the dollar store. The clear plastic containers are shoe boxes from the Container Store. I kept like things together and tossed a bunch of things that were just cluttering the space.

cleaning and organizing 2


I saw this pin and was like, omg a battery organizer! Well, my container is a bit large, but it’s so much better than having all those odd shaped battery packaging taking up space.

A couple of other things I saw on Pinterest that I have tried:
– Baking soda and vinegar to unclog and clean a drain. It totally worked on my bathroom sink.
– Using a bobby pin upside down, it worked, but just as well as using the bobby pin the regular way.
Folding grocery bags like paper footballs. This was super helpful! I stash a couple in my purse and pull them out when I need them.

Have any cleaning or organizing tips of your own?


Cleaning with vinegar

I’ve been curious about cleaning with regular, every day items. The home remedy types of cleaning. I don’t usually stock white vinegar in my kitchen, but most homemade cleaning products call for vinegar. Plus I needed to descale my coffee maker. Might as well try to clean other things with it.

I decided my first time out with a homemade cleaning, I would just try something with plain vinegar. No mixing. This helpful pin has been floating around Pinterest for awhile. Basically, fill a bag with white vinegar, tie it around your showerhead over night. It should get off a bunch of gunk.

That’s the only photo you’re getting in this post! 🙂 I’m not sharing before and after photos. I filled a quart bag with about a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Because of the angle of the showerhead, I did lose some of the liquid before I tied it on. I tied it flat against the showerhead with a second rubberband too.

I think the showerhead is a bit cleaner. The vinegar was able to get into the little shower bits that scrubbing with a brush isn’t going to get.

If you’re not a fan of a vinegar smell, don’t try this. I’m not a huge fan of the bleach or other shower cleaners out there. It feels like I’m polluting my air at times. With the vinegar, it just smells like I’m getting ready to cook something.

Have any homemade cleaning products you could suggest? More adventures in cleaning with vinegar to come!