No sew fleece blankets

Why am I making fleece blankets in the middle of July? Well, I got a special request from a little buddy whose birthday happens to fall in the midst of this heat wave. He loved a blanket I gave to another little buddy and asked for one of his own. Plus, you can get a pretty good deal on fleece during the summer. But, go ahead bookmark this post or pin it for the fall/winter months if you’re not ready to try this out yet.

These no sew fleece blankets make great gifts and a great addition to beds and couches. I have two on my couch right now.

They’re pretty versatile when it comes to size too. I have one that’s almost 6 ft. tall, perfect to sleep under or share. For the kid-sized ones, I suggest getting 1.5 to 2 yards of fleece.

Supplies: Two sheets of fleece, scissors and a large floor space

The first thing I do is spread the fleece out on the floor, laying the two sheets on top of one another. Make sure they are the same size and trim the excess. This blanket is gray and blue. But you can do one sheet that’s a pattern and one solid. Or two patterns.

Put the two fleece sheets on top of one another.

The next step is cutting a rectangle of fleece out of each corner. I tend to eyeball the square. This will determine how long the ribbons of fleece you will be tying together are. Sometimes one side of the fleece is less stretchy than another side, so it needs longer strips cut. You can cut one corner, then use the cut fleece as a pattern. You could also mark off each corner with a marker. Or you could fold the sheets in half to match the cuts.

Cut a square out of all four corners.

Discard the fleece cut outs. Then go around the edges of the fleece and cut strips about 1-2 in. thick. The cuts should also match up with however much you cut out of the corners. Make sure you are cutting both sheets of fleece at the same time. Each cut equals one tie.

Go all the way around the blanket cutting a fringe.

Once you cut all your strips, set your scissors aside. You will start to tie the fleece sheet on top to the fleece sheet on the bottom to make a single blanket. Sit at a corner of the fleece. I start by tying the two sections that make up the corner. Use a double knot.

Start at a corner, tie together the ribbons that make up the corner, then choose which side you will go down tying.

I use my feet to hold down the strips I’m not working with yet. After making those first ties, I pick a direction and work my way around the blanket’s edges until I have tied every single pair of strips together.

I use my heels to hold down the ribbons I’m not working with.

There you go, a finished blanket!

Work your way around the entire blanket until all the ribbons are tied.

I wash my blankets in cold or warm water. Then I tumble dry. After a while, the fleece will go from being super soft to more rough. If anyone has advice on how to prolong that, please share your tip! The blanket is still super warm though.

Also you may find that some of the strips come undone. I do a knot check every once in awhile and retie any that have come undone.

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