Pancake bites

I started a new job recently and it requires me to be out the door pretty early. I’m finding it hard to cook or craft now. Ok, part of that is because I actually commute to work now. I didn’t have to with my last job. My commute was to my couch or dining room table. So it was easy to walk to the kitchen for breakfast, grab a snack and cook some lunch with my laptop open.

Now, I have to pack breakfast and lunch. Plus, I have to wait half an hour after I wake up to eat or drink my coffee. I’m bringing two travel cups of coffee to work. Yes, there’s coffee at work, but my routine is with my Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream K-cups to start the day. It’s really the only kind of coffee I drink unless I go to Starbucks (grande iced extra caramel, caramel macchiato) or Dunkin’ Donuts (medium iced mocha latte with whipped cream and sugar).

Lately I’ve been looking for recipes that I can make on Sunday or quickly at night so I’ll have something to eat while at work, like the Crockpot Chicken Tacos which lasted me a few days. I also need to remember not to just start working without putting my food in the fridge. Learned that the hard way when my lunch, which happened to be dairy-based, sat on my desk for 2.5 hours and then made me wary. Whoops.

Pancake Bites 1

I found these pancake bites and I love pancakes. Sticking them in the oven seems so much simpler than needing to cook them on the stovetop. Plus, much healthier since I’m not using gobs of butter.

Pancake Bites 4

– Pancake mix, I just used a store bought brand and used the recipe on the back
– Toppings

That’s it. Sweet right? You need mini muffin pans too. I spooned the batter into my muffin pans using my 1 inch scooper that I use to make cake balls and such. But you basically just want to fill about 3/4ths full.

Pancake Bites 3

And then put your toppings on. I wanted to try plain, chocolate chip and bacon.

I had some real bacon bits in the fridge, rather than cook bacon, I tried these. And those are mini chocolate chips. Those two flavors were awesome. I think the only thing with the chocolate chips was that they get super melty. Next time I might stir them into the mixture vs. just putting them on top. Otherwise your hands get all chocolately. I also might try bacon AND mini chocolate chip. Salty and sweet.

The plain pancake bites were ok. Might need syrup or butter.

After putting on your toppings, stick them in the oven for 12-14 minutes. Mine didn’t look done at 12, so I left them at 14. From experience, this pancake batter doesn’t really get that golden brown color. Other brands might so watch that. Don’t over bake.

Pancake Bites 2

And there you go. A yummy quick breakfast with leftovers for tomorrow. I’ll just be sticking them in the fridge.

Have any other quick or make ahead recipes for me to try?

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11 thoughts on “Pancake bites

    • I’m sorry I didn’t get to your comment sooner! No I’ve only made the mini-muffin tin kind. But a larger pan would probably be fine. They might need longer cooking though depending on how much batter you put in.

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