Crockpot chicken tacos

After a long vacation, and a week of take out, sandwiches and bagels, I had to get back into the cooking mood. I combed Pinterest for ideas and found these irresistible crockpot chicken tacos. I had most of the ingredients and I always want to try new crockpot recipes.

These tacos were so juicy and filling. If you compare the ingredient photo to the actual recipe, it’s slightly different. I put in one extra packet of taco seasoning and one extra can of chicken broth. I did it so the chicken would be covered in the crockpot and so the sauce flavor wouldn’t be diluted.

As a leftover meal, I took some of the chicken and some of the reserved sauce and poured it over rice. Delish.

Crockpot chicken tacos
Adapted from Raining Hot Coupons


6 frozen chicken breasts
2 packets of taco seasoning
1 Ranch packet
1 can of chicken gravy
2 cans of chicken broth
Sour cream

Into the crockpot

Put the frozen chicken into the crockpot. Pour the packets of ranch and taco seasonings into the pot. Then pour in your gravy and chicken broth. Put the lid on and turn to high. Cook for 4 hours.

After four hours, pull the chicken out of the broth and shred. If you look at the photo above, the chicken is a bit dry. Take that pulled chicken and put it back into your crockpot full of sauce. Turn the crockpot to low and leave it in there for 45 minutes.

After the 45 minutes, pull the chicken back out. Look, super juicy!

Finished taco

You’re ready to serve. I only put sour cream on top. I didn’t have any shredded cheese, but you can add a little bit of that. I don’t know if it needs it.

There is a lot of sauce left over. I reserved most of it for the chicken and rice dish. Yummy and filling.

Original pin/Blog post

Mandy‘s Recipe Box


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