Versatile Valentine’s Wreath

Remember that yarn and ruffle wreath I made a couple months back? Well, I made it so the decoration was removable. I decided to change the decorations to a Valentine’s Day theme. I got a pile of felt and rather than just make one set of decorations, I wanted to show how versatile this wreath could be.

Versatile Valentine's Day wreath 2

Foam circles can be expensive. If you want to change up your wreaths depending on the holiday and the season, you don’t want to have to buy and store a dozen wreaths. I’m advising: Don’t glue your decorations on. Use pins! You can try and match the pins to your wreath theme or hide them strategically.

I also saw this pin and just had to try making these woven Danish hearts.

Versatile Valentine's Day wreath 1

It’s pretty simple one you get the hang of making these. Take two sheets of felt. Out of each sheet, you can get four felt strips (you can make four hearts). Take two strips and then round the edges. Fold them in half and cut three parallel lines. Then weave the strips together to make a heart! You can use these as little heart baskets or use them for what I did.

Versatile Valentine's Day wreath 4

So, I stuck the two woven hearts onto the wreath and then cut out two other hearts out of the same colors.

Versatile Valentine's Day wreath 5

Then I tried six hearts.

Versatile Valentine's Day wreath 3

Then two large hearts with three smaller layered hearts.

Versatile Valentine's Day wreath 6

Finally a pattern of hearts. I could have kept going. I just love that I can change up the decorations all I want. Right now I’ve left it with the two woven hearts.

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