Getting organized

Next on Make That Pin week, it’s actually a bunch of pins.

cleaning and organizing 3


I’m mixing up a whole bunch of pins from my Organizing and Cleaning board.

Sorry there are no before photos, but I’d rather not show how crazy messy this closet was. I had trouble closing the door, I couldn’t see all my craft supplies, I had a box of glasses that were sitting outside the closet cause there wasn’t enough room. It was time to fix it.

cleaning and organizing 1


So I found the blue baskets — which hold various adhesives, spray paints and then all the ribbons I have — at the dollar store. The clear plastic containers are shoe boxes from the Container Store. I kept like things together and tossed a bunch of things that were just cluttering the space.

cleaning and organizing 2


I saw this pin and was like, omg a battery organizer! Well, my container is a bit large, but it’s so much better than having all those odd shaped battery packaging taking up space.

A couple of other things I saw on Pinterest that I have tried:
– Baking soda and vinegar to unclog and clean a drain. It totally worked on my bathroom sink.
– Using a bobby pin upside down, it worked, but just as well as using the bobby pin the regular way.
Folding grocery bags like paper footballs. This was super helpful! I stash a couple in my purse and pull them out when I need them.

Have any cleaning or organizing tips of your own?

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