Frozen yogurt bites

Who hasn’t seen this pin floating around their Pinterest pages?

The frozen yogurt bites have been on my radar for a long time. I don’t know why I keep doing frozen things, since the temperatures are freezing outside, but I had to do this one, especially since I’ve declared it Make That Pin week.

Frozen Yogurt Bites 5

All you need is yogurt (I used vanilla Greek yogurt left over from yesterday’s recipe), a quart baggie and a sheet pan with aluminum foil.

Frozen Yogurt Bites 1

I started by filling the quart bag with four heaping tablespoons of yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt Bites 2

Then you start piping dots on to the sheet pan.

Frozen Yogurt Bites 3

Freeze the dots for at least two hours.

Frozen Yogurt Bites 4

They’re super yummy. Pop one in your mouth and it’s pretty satisfying. You could probably use these as a topping for other yogurt or ice cream. Eating by themselves are also good. They will start to melt pretty quickly! So I pulled them off the baking sheet, put them in a tuperware and put them back into the freezer.


7 thoughts on “Frozen yogurt bites

  1. I did these with YoBaby yogurt (full fat) for my toddler and he loved them!! They are perfect because they quickly melt in your mouth and can be picked up! Yours look prettier than mine, though! I didn’t pipe them, I just sort of, plopped them! lol

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