Frozen Banana Bites

It’s Make That Pin week here at Crafting and Cooking! I’m making all those pins which I’ve put off for so long.

I don’t know why I’m doing frozen things when it’s so cold outside. But I am! This pin has been floating around Pinterest for awhile. The little banana sandwiches look so cute! Well… my attempt is sort of bordering on a Pin fail. It still tastes good, but…

Frozen Banana Bites 8

Most of them fell apart. You’ll see later on.

Frozen Banana Bites 1

It’s another three ingredient recipe: Five bananas, peanut butter and vanilla Greek yogurt.

Frozen Banana Bites 2

Mash one banana.

Frozen Banana Bites 3

Mix in 1/4 cup of the yogurt and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Now you can stop the recipe right here. I could have just eaten the bowl by itself. Now here’s where I think I started going wrong with this recipe. I think maybe cut the yogurt a little bit or up the banana or peanut butter. It’ll stabilize this mixture a bit more.

Frozen Banana Bites 4

Chop up the other four bananas. About half an inch slices. Or thinner. Thinner might be better so you don’t have filling squirting out. I could have used this banana slicer. Just kidding! Have you seen this before? The comments are absolutely hilarious.

Frozen Banana Bites 5

I used  a gallon bag as a piping bag. This is me trying to take a photo of me using the piping bag. As you can see, I was making a mess.

Frozen Banana Bites 6

I start putting the banana slice toppers on top and… the filling starts pouring out the middle and the toppers start sliding off. Boo. I put them into the freezer for two hours.

Frozen Banana Bites 7

I pull the pan out after two hours and I find this. Sigh. Only a couple stayed as sandwiches. But they were still tasty. I removed them from the freeze and put them in tuperware. I also put them in the fridge… I have a hard time chewing frozen things, so we’ll see how they hold up in the fridge too. (Overnight, this turned to brown mush. So leave them frozen!)


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