Ham and cheese rollups

I was looking in my fridge and I was trying to find something simple I could make without needing to run out to the store. Here comes the ham and cheese rollups, or ham and cheese crescent rolls.

ham and cheese rollups 6

Simple and the leftovers became both breakfast and snacks. Tastes good both warm and cold.

ham and cheese rollups 1

Ingredients: honey ham, swiss cheese slices, crescent rolls and dijon mustard

ham and cheese rollups 2

Start by unrolling the crescent rolls. Do this one at a time. Start by putting a dollop of dijon mustard onto the crescent roll and spreading it with the back of a spoon.

ham and cheese rollups 3

Take one slice of swiss cheese and rip it apart and layer it on top of the mustard.

ham and cheese rollups 4

Take a slice of ham and pile it on top of the cheese.

ham and cheese rollups 5

Roll up the crescent roll and spread a little more dijon mustard on the outside of the crescent roll. Finish rolling them up and then bake the crescents according to the package details.

ham and cheese rollups 7

The mustard will get crusty on the outside of the crescent rolls. The cheese will get all melty. It all perfectly pairs with the ham. So good. The only time I actually ate them warm was when they came out of the oven the first time. I then would grab one in the morning for breakfast as I was heading out the door.

Do you have any other crescent roll recipes you like to make? I’d love to hear about them! Share in the comments or head over to my Facebook page through the link at the right.

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