The BEST Ramen

I am more likely to grab a bowl of soup during winter, like most people. For years, I would stockpile Ramen. Not because of the price, but because I really do like it. Now this, this is the best Ramen I’ve ever had:

the best ramen 5


The Creamy Chicken flavor. It has eluded me for several years now because stores decide to stock the staples of beef and chicken. But then I found a store that has my favorite flavor. I will have to go back for more soon. I tend to eat this more like pasta versus a soup though.

And here’s the way I prepare my Ramen.

the best ramen 1

Put the noodle brick into a microwave safe bowl.

the best ramen 2


Then fill the bowl with just enough water to cover the noodle brick. Stick the bowl into the microwave for 6 minutes.


the best ramen 3

After 6 minutes, pull the bowl out of the microwave. I then add the flavor packet and a lot of frozen peas. You can add whatever you would like to the bowl at this time. Stir it up, to incorporate the flavoring to the bowl. Then stick it into the microwave for 4 minutes more.

the best ramen 4


After the 4 minutes, this is what you should see! More of a pasta, less of a soup. Delicious and hot. There are times I will add a hard boiled egg to the bowl. Yum. So delish.

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