Mini muffin corn dogs

I can’t be the only person who loves going to a festival or county fair and eating a corn dog is on the list of things to do. I love when there’s a crunchy, golden brown exterior and then it’s a bit sweet. Yummy.

Mini corndog muffins 5

I saw a recipe like this awhile ago, but with homemade corn muffin mix. Ya, I had a box of Jiffy in my pantry that was waiting to be used. So, all you need is hot dogs and corn muffin mix, plus whatever the mix calls for.

Mini corndog muffins 1

Slice your hot dogs into small pieces, to be put into your mini muffins.

Mini corndog muffins 2

I oiled up the mini muffin tin (or silicone pan) and then used a tablespoon scooper to make everything equal portions.

Mini corndog muffins 3

Place your hotdog into the mix in the pans. Here’s where you need to make a decision. You can place them upright like in the photo or put them sideways. If you put them upright, there’s a chance the muffin will break along the hotdog. I would suggest not putting the hotdogs all the way to the bottom of the tin. Make sure there is some of the mixture at the bottom.

Mini corndog muffins 4

Bake according to the muffin mix instructions. The muffin will puff up around the hotdog.

Mini corndog muffins 6

Enjoy with your favorite dip! Ketchup is my dip of choice. Simple appetizer or snack.


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