Top 5 posts of the year

This blog has only existed six months, but I wanted to round up my five favorite posts of the year.

I first started this blog, originally on Tumblr, as a way to keep track of some of my favorite recipes. I was going to create a cookbook of family recipes and other recipes I enjoyed making. Then I started creating the things I was pinning on Pinterest and my work took on a more crafty turn. It’s been great so far. I can’t wait to continue all my projects in the new year.

And here are my Top 5:

tape painted coffee mugs 5

These tape painted coffee mugs are actually not just my favorite post, but it’s the most clicked post on this blog. I’m writing this post while drinking coffee out of the yellow one right now. I had seen all these amazing mugs on Pinterest and Etsy and I had been determined to make some of my own. The tape painted mugs were born from frustration with other designs not coming out right. And I love them.

Salted Caramel Butter Bars 10

The salted caramel butter bars have been such a crowd pleaser. (hat tip to for the original recipe). I introduced one of my friends to them and she’s been making them for her friends and family. And they keep referring to them as my “salty bars.” Which I find hilarious and slightly wrong. But seriously, it’s so hard not to just eat a ton of these at once. They’re rich and sweet and buttery. So good.

melted snowman ornament 6

I love this ornament. Oh, the poor melted snowman. He’s provided me with such joy. He’s made the perfect gift and brought a little bit of joy to other people.

scrapbook paper coasters 6

The scrapbook coasters, my very first post and craft for Crafting and Cooking. I’ve made them as gifts, I have them all over my apartment and I use them religiously. I bought a whole box of tiles to try different patterns and over the last few months, I’ve revamped the ways I’ve been making them — longer drying times, felt rounds on the backs… I wasn’t a coaster person until I made them. I only wish I could find the paper I used in the coasters in the photo.

bacon wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates 6

It’s a bit of a mouthful to say bacon wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates, but man are they good. I’ve made them for a game night, Thanksgiving and Christmas. At Christmas, the plate full of dates disappeared within half an hour. People are skeptical when they first look at these little treats, but then they have a pile of toothpicks in front of them in no time.

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