Handmade Christmas cards

I’m participating in my first Christmas card/craft exchange this year. It’s the first time I’m making a bunch of Christmas cards. I decided to go minimalist and simple.

handmade cards 5

I’m happy with how they turned out.

handmade cards 1


Supplies: card stock cut into card length, glue dots, three different types of Christmas scrapbook paper, a paper punch (I used a star)

Start by punching out a lot of shapes from the scrapbook paper.

handmade cards 2


Then come up with a pattern. I used three stars cut from each piece of scrapbook paper for a total of 9 stars.

handmade cards 4


Helpful tip: Prep your whole project by cutting out the cards and folding them. Then pull off the amount of glue dots you need for each card with the paper backing intact. Then stick your 9 star shapes onto the glue dots. Saves time from doing it one by one.

handmade cards 3


Then just apply the stars to your card in a pattern that makes you happy! Very simple and it’s a little something extra for your Christmas cards.

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