Date “cookies”

I had some leftover dates from when I made the bacon-wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates and I knew exactly what I had to make. But I don’t really know what they are called. They’re not really cookies. They could be no bake cookies. Or just date sweets. Whatever they are, they are delish.

date cookies 5

They always end up on our sweets table at Christmas. I know when I’m making them, more than a few don’t make it to Christmas though.

date cookies 1

Ingredients: pitted dates, sugar and chopped walnuts

date cookies 2

Slice the dates open, don’t cut all the way through. Just butterfly them.

date cookies 3

Stuff the inside with walnuts.

date cookies 4

Then roll that date in the sugar. The date’s outside is pretty sticky, so the sugar will stick.

date cookies 6

That’s it! Repeat until the bag of dates is empty.

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