Chocolate covered pretzels

Do chocolate covered pretzels make you think Christmas? It seems like it’s the only time that chocolate pretzels are readily available is Christmas time. I love the white chocolate ones that have sprinkles or have ribbons of chocolate laced across them. Then there’s the milk or dark chocolate ones with the toffee pieces. So good!

Well, I wanted to try making my own. This is part of the test batch I made.

chocolate covered pretzels 8


Cute right?

chocolate covered pretzels 2


Supplies: pretzels (I used mini-sized), a bag of white chocolate chips, a pan with parchment paper, sprinkles, a measuring cup with a spout, a fork and a spoon

Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn why I chose the white chocolate chips over candy chips too.

chocolate covered pretzels 3


I poured half the bag of white chocolate chips into the measuring cup. Microwave it for 30 seconds, then stir. Repeat until the chocolate chips are smooth.

chocolate covered pretzels 4


Ok, so, the way I did this was pour about a tablespoon of the chocolate onto each pretzel. Then I would stick the fork underneath the pretzel and raise it out of the chocolate. If you look at the photo above, there’s a second pretzel under that pile of chocolate.

chocolate covered pretzels 5


As you can see, there’s a pile of chocolate building up. Before it cools too much, scoop it up and put more pretzels down. Don’t waste the chocolate! It may be better to use a second sheet pan and parchment paper for the already covered pretzels otherwise you’re dragging little ribbons of chocolate over the other pretzels. That’s fine if you want a pattern on them.

chocolate covered pretzels 6


While they are still wet, sprinkle the sprinkles on top. In order to set the chocolate, I put them in the freezer for 10 minutes.

chocolate covered pretzels 7


Let the pretzels come back to room temp before handling them. Otherwise the condensation will allow the sprinkle colors to run when you touch them.

They would make great gifts and aren’t that expensive. But it can be a bit time consuming. I didn’t do too many since it was a test run to figure out how to best coat these kinds of pretzels.

I did start the test run using vanilla candy coating. But I ended up with this:

chocolate covered pretzels 1


Candy coating would be good for stick pretzels if you’re not coating the entire pretzel. You’re just going to dip them. The coating is super thick otherwise. And I did burn the first batch when I was melted it in the microwave.

If you have a better method let me know! Share on my Facebook page or leave a comment here. Remember to check out the Christmas ideas board on Pinterest.

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