Santa pants terra cotta pot

Seriously, I feel like this project can be used so many ways. I saw it originally on this blog. I did it slightly different, using pant instead of electrical tape for the belt.

Supplies: One terra cotta pot, Martha Stewart craft paint in Satin – Habanero and High Gloss – Beetle Black, a permanent glue like E-6000 and one washer that fits the lip of the pot

Start by painting the bottom part of the pot in the Habanero paint.

Paint the lip of the pot in the Beetle Black. Also paint the inside lip because there’s a chance you’ll be able to see that from the outside. Give the pot two coats and let it dry. Take the washer and put it onto the lip of the pot with the permanent glue. Let it dry for several hours.

Then you can fill the pot:

You can try filled it with a mini-Christmas tree. Or how about a poinsettia plant? You could fill it with treats for the kids. Maybe line it with parchment paper and make it a popcorn bowl at your holiday gathering. If you have a mantle, try making two and putting it at either end and fill with ornaments or something. See! So many options.

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