Cookie and treat stand

Making your own treat/cookie/cake stand is a pretty popular thing on Pinterest. I find all the holiday ones very alluring. But before choosing to do this craft, I had to come to grips with the fact that I don’t have enough cabinet space to store treat stands for every season. I also wanted a glass or porcelain stand, not one made with a melamine or plastic plate.

I’m happy with what I made. I chose a plate with a plain green rim. It’s perfect for Christmas and any other season. And I’m pretty stoked with the price: less than $4 to make this! I had the glue from a previous craft, so if you don’t have the glue that’ll add to your stand’s cost, but it should still be less than $10.

Supplies: a plate, a candle holder (from Dollar Tree) and a permanent craft glue like E-6000.

Flip your plate over and figure out where the center of it is.

Line the rim of the candlestick holder with your glue.

Place your candlestick into that middle spot and press down firmly. If the glue seeps out a bit, don’t worry. It dries pretty much clear.

Put pressure on the drying candlestick holder. I used a couple of heavy cookbooks that I had handy. I let the stand dry for several hours like this. Just forget about it.

Once your stand is dry wash it and it’s ready to use! I would only hand wash it from now on too. I sort of like the glass base as is, but I still might paint it white so it blends in with the plate better.

This would make a great gift for someone, even a host/hostess gift, too. Put some cookies or a pie on top, wrap it up nice with some cellophane and leave it for your party host or a loved one.

You can always add more layers to this too, make a cupcake stand or a stand for multiple cookie varieties. You can add a second plate to the bottom for two layers. Add another candlestick holder and plate to the top for three.

If you make a stand of your own please share in the comments or on the Crafting and Cooking Facebook page. And you can find plenty of Christmas crafts on the idea board on Pinterest.

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