Ribbon tree

Stores start trotting out all sorts of little decorative trees. Well… I thought “I could do that.” And I’m really loving my ribbon tree.


Supplies: a bunch of ribbon spools, a styrofoam cone (mine is 8″), a bunch of straight pins with the little colored tops


I used about five spools of ribbon for this project, but I also used a thinner ribbon. If you use something wider, it’ll be less. I’m just in love with this ribbon pattern. I got it from Michael’s, if you want to know. I’ve used it as a decorative tie for all my homemade ornaments. Love.


Fold the ribbon in half and stick a pin through it. Then stick it into the bottom of the cone. You need to decide how much you want the ribbon to pool at the bottom.

I let my ribbon touch the table and bell out slightly. Keep going all the way around the cone with this layer.


After finishing the first layer, I started the next layer up about an inch higher than the first layer.


I didn’t want a star at the top of my tree or any sort of decoration. So before I got to the topmost layers of my ribbon tree, I covered the flat top of the cone with some ribbon. Then I lined up the last layer with the top of the cone to finish it off.


Yay. Pretty.

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