Melted snowman ornament

I made this ornament back in October as soon as I saw this pin on Pinterest. I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. My mom thinks it’s morbid. I can deal with that. Morbid adorableness. Ha! I also featured it in my latest Homespun column.

Does the photo make him look like he’s screaming no? hehehehe I’m sorry. It’s so funny.

Supplies: salt, peppercorns, orange Post-It notes and a glass ornament.

So the original ornament uses an orange cone. I thought the orange Post-It notes would be so much easier. Now, you need to fold over just the sticky part so it sticks to the other part of the Post-It. It’s so the snowman’s nose will be thicker than just cutting out a triangle from the rest of the Post-It.

Fill your ornament with salt. It’s a couple tablespoons.

Pop in a bunch of peppercorns. The one above has eight, but I actually think seven is better. That way, five will make the mouth and two will make the eyes.

There you go! Your snowman is melted. Pop the top on and then hang it on your tree. The insides do move. I’ve found that people like playing around with it like a little puzzle toy to make the best face or to bury the eyes and nose.

My friend and I were trying to come up with other characters we could melt inside an ornament.

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