Fluffy Felt Rosette Wreath

Remember when I said no Christmas until Black Friday? Well this wreath ended up on my door early Friday morning.

I went on a wreath making spree one day, first there was the yarn and ruffle wreath and now a fluffy felt rosette wreath. The inspiration for this fabulous wreath came from Domestifluff.

Plus, I upp’d the holiday factor by tying on a fancy fabric bow, the tutorial for that went up last week. So you can definitely use this bow for decorating and other crafts and not just wrapping your presents.

Supplies: Lots of white felt sheets cut into circles, a 12 inch styrofoam wreath, lots of straight pins and the supplies for the fabric bow (optional)

I had 14 sheets of white felt. I got 7-8 circles out of each piece of felt. So 14 x 8 = 112 circles. In the supplies photo, you can see a silver ink and the lid of a mason jar. I tried maya*made’s way to cut out lots of circles:

Use the mason jar lid and the stamp pad to make perfect circles to cut around. But… I ran into a problem. The silver wasn’t light enough and left a sort of dingy mark on the circle edges. If this wasn’t a 3-D project, and I could have put the inked side down, this would have been a lifesaver. Instead I used the ink circles I cut out as a template for the rest.

Take your circle, fold it in half and then in half again to make a little rosette.

Take your pin and stick it into the corner of the rosette, then attach it to the wreath.

Keep making rosettes and attaching them to the wreath. Fluff them out, fill in gaps.

Only do the spots you’re going to be able to see. Go all the way around the wreath until you run out of circles and there are no more spaces.

Flip the wreath over.

I used a little piece of ribbon to create a door hanger. I attached it with three pins.

I tied the fabric bow on, a little off center. Looks nice right? Love it.

Have any wreath ideas of your own? Please share them in the comments. Don’t forget to like Crafting and Cooking on Facebook. And remember to follow my Christmas ideas board on Pinterest, it’s always being updated.

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