How to tie a fancy bow

I told you Christmas posts would start on Black Friday! We’re starting with instructions on how to tie a fancy bow with fabric ribbon.

Supplies: The gift you want to wrap, scissors and fabric ribbon that has wire in it

Don’t mind my unwrapped gift… because it’s just a set of salt and pepper shakers I own. Ok. Start by tying one length of ribbon around the gift, make sure there is excess ribbon hanging off the box.

Take a second length of ribbon and fold it over on itself until you get the amount of loops you would like to make your bow. The ribbon above has four loops. The entire length of the ribbon is about 58 inches, 7 in. folded over. The amount and size of the loops also depends on how large the package is.

In the middle of the folded over ribbon, make two diagonal, parallel cuts. Don’t cut all the way through the ribbon.

Take your folded and cut ribbon and put it on top of your package. Take the ends of the ribbon tied around your package and stick them into the notches of the folded ribbon.

Tie the ends of the package ribbon together, tying the folded ribbon down onto the package.

Separate and flair out the loops in the folded ribbon. Move around the package, pulling one loop up and one loop down. Puff or poof out the ribbon so it’s fluffy and you hide the knots. Keep playing with it until you’re happy with how it looks on your gift.

Simple and pretty.

Now, if the instructions with the photos don’t work for you… I do have this video. I find it pretty embarrassing. I made it for a job and it’s still up on the internet four years later. I’m not cut out to be a broadcaster or a video personality. But, I still make an awesome bow.

Want more Christmas craft or food ideas? I’ve created a board on Pinterest you can follow. I’ll be adding all of the Christmas-related things I do here to that board too.

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