Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

I really believe that Thanksgiving has been given the shaft. Everyone gears up for Halloween and then right away all the Christmas decorations and sales start. Where’s the love for Thanksgiving?

I make a point to avoid Christmas until Black Friday. No Christmas songs. No Christmas decorations. No Christmas cookies. Nothing until Black Friday.

Although, now, running a blog and doing crafts, it’s more difficult. I have been making all sorts of Christmas crafts for the last two months. You haven’t seen any here yet because I’m sticking to my Black Friday rule, even though I already celebrated Thanksgiving with the family this past Saturday.

Check out my dinner plate (sans baked sweet potato which was next to my plate on aluminum foil):

Clockwise from the bottom: Caesar salad, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, creamed corn casserole, ham and turkey. So good.

I declared that Saturday was actually fake Thanksgiving even though it was my real Thanksgiving. It was the first time I remember we didn’t celebrate on the Thursday. We played a few games, including Cards Against Humanity (how perfect for Thanksgiving right? lol) and Dixit. Awesome.

Now, you won’t get anything Christmas from me until Friday. Then I promise a month’s worth of holiday stuff including decorations, gifts, cookies and more.

In the mean time, here are two recipes you can add to your Thanksgiving dinner and Don’t forget to like Crafting and Cooking on Facebook!

Creamed Corn Casserole

Bacon wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates — I made these Saturday and everyone loved them


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