Yarn and ruffle wreath

I have been waiting to make this wreath for awhile. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for anything grey and yellow or just because it’s super cute. I pinned the idea a while back from Six Sisters’ Stuff.

The wreath is currently hanging on my door. I wonder what my neighbors think. Everyone in my building tends to keep to themselves and no one really has wreaths or decorates their doors. A new neighbor down the hall put out a welcome mat and I was so surprised. But it’s nice to bring a little something to the hallway.

Supplies: A foam circle (I used a 16 inch one), yarn, liquid stitch, 1 piece of felt (the one I have is about 8.5×11), a sewing needle and string that matches the felt, push pins (I used ones that also matched the felt)

Start by tying the free end of the yarn in a knot around the foam circle.

Then start wrapping the yarn around the foam circle. Keep your yarn as tight as possible, you don’t want to see the foam underneath. Also, leave the yarn attached to the yarn ball. I just kept passing the yarn ball through the middle a few times and then tightening it up and making sure the yarn was laying flat. Go all the way around the circle.

I only went around once, but I had enough yarn to go around more times. But it took at least an hour to do this part of the project, but then again, I was clearing out my DVR at the time. Do you watch Hart of Dixie? I love it. So it might have distracted me. 🙂

Once you go all the way around, cut the yarn from the yarn ball. Use your liquid stitch to finish off the string. I also stuck a pin through that loose piece.

Now take your piece of felt and turn it sideways. Cut it in half. Then cut one of those pieces in half. Then cut that last piece in half. You end up with four pieces, put one of the smallest pieces off to the side.

Stack the three other pieces on top of one another. Take your needle and thread and start sewing the pieces together.

I’m not a a seamstress, so I’m not sure what this type of sewing is called. But basically, I put the needle through the bottom of the felt and then back through. Sort of like dash marks – – – – – – and then you crinkle the felt as you go. Just pull the thread to the right and pull the felt to the left to create the ruffle.

I attached the yellow ruffle to the wreath with a few yellow straight pins. I hid them underneath the felt so when you looked at them they wouldn’t show.

Take that last piece of felt you had and cut it down to create a door hanger. I had to cut it in half again to make it a bit thinner and then I just cut off a small piece of it. Two pins should keep it in place on the wreath.

Then you’re done! Super cute right?

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8 thoughts on “Yarn and ruffle wreath

  1. This is so cute! I’m a sucker for anything grey and yellow, too! I painted my walls a light grey, and my bed spread is grey and yellow! Best redecorating I’ve ever done! I could spend forever in that room. I love to sew, but ruffles mess me up all the time! This one looks very do-able though! Thanks for the post!!

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