Craft fair recap

I know this post is pretty late! It’s been more than a week since my first craft fair, the Bizarre Bazaar, at a local church. My best friend, Teri, and I partnered up for the event. I sold three different kinds of ornaments, homemade coasters and paintings. She sold some of her personalized wood work and some holiday floral arrangements.

Check out our table:

I spent the last few weeks making more than 100 ornaments, tape paintings and the coasters.

I loved all the scrapbook coasters I made. I did a mixture of drink themed coasters, holiday coasters and then some patterns that I thought were really cute. I also took the time to experiment with different types of table protectors. I had found some cute cork circles, but I learned that if you stack the newly finished coasters too soon after sealing them, the cork is likely to stick and leave a residue. A certain felt kind that I found at Home Depot worked best.

I also finished off my ornaments with a ribbon. I thought it finished off my ornaments perfectly. Loved the pattern. I ran out, so I need to figure out if I can find more of when everything Christmas goes on sale.

Box of ornaments! I did glitter ornaments, melted snowmen and pom-poms. Super cute. I’ll have full directions on all of these coming up for you, I promise!

So things I learned at the craft fair:
– If you have access to Square, to run credit cards, do it! Great for big items or people who just don’t bring a lot of cash. We also put up little signs saying we took credit cards.
– Presentation is everything, but even a nice presentation doesn’t mean sales. We had a lot of people stop by, but they were just browsers. An early November craft fair, not everyone was ready for Christmas items. Plus I think we were aiming for a younger crowd and got an older crowd instead.
– Be ready to experiment with pricing. I had to change the price of the coasters a couple times until I found the right price. I wish I had upped the price of the ornaments slightly.
– Come prepared. Notepad, pens, newspaper to wrap things, tape, scissors, plastic bags, tablecloth, ways to prop things up on your table, price holders. Our mini tree was great to display the different ornaments.
– Say hi to people as they browse your table and also explain things if they’re not sure what they are. Point things out.
– Things on the floor also don’t really work. People just walk by or kick them by accident.


My friend and I want to do more craft shows in the future, but we realize we still need to plan. We need a name too. That’s the hardest part. We know what we want to sell, but we have no idea what really describes us. We also need to gauge the audience. I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to do more.

If you have any craft fair advice, please share in the comments, it would be much appreciated!


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