Poke cake

To go along with the turkey meatloaves, I also made my first poke cake. What’s a poke cake? Well, it’s a cake that you poke holes into and then top with pudding or jello. A friend of mine made one with different colored jello before and it was pretty tasty.

I didn’t want to go too wild and crazy with my first poke cake. I chose a lemon flavored cake and then vanilla pudding.

Start by baking the cake to the box’s instructions.

When the cake comes out of the oven you need to poke holes into it. I have a spatula where the top comes off. I used that piece to stick into the cake. I wanted it to have larger holes for the pudding to soak into, so I spun the utensil. You could get the same result with a butter knife I think.

Let the cake cool for about 15 minutes. I didn’t want the pudding to get too hot.

I used one of the bigger boxes of vanilla pudding that required 3 cups of cold milk. Stir until the pudding starts to thicken, but is still a bit liquidy.

Pour the pudding over the cake. Aim for the holes, so that it seeps into the cake.

Use a spatula to even out the pudding top. Then stick it in the fridge to set. I left it in there for a few hours. Then I sliced it up.

It was delish! I liked the pudding mixed with the cake. I gotta try this with chocolate.


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