Cereal Box Gift Box

I usually try to recycle all the cardboard and paper I have in my place. I’ve got a few extra cereal boxes laying around right now because I tend to pack cereal for work every day. I saw this blog post from One Good Thing (hat tip to Instructables.com) and, with the holidays coming up, I decided upcycling a cereal box into a gift box was a great idea.

But this is just a practice round. This one might actually take a try or two (or three… I went through two trying to make this one) to master. You also have to have the right cereal box. I’ve been eating the different flavored Cheerios (banana nut, peanut butter and dulce de leche have been tasty). The problem I learn with these boxes is that they are too skinny. It’ll still work, but you need to finagle and cut it a bit more than you would a regular-sized cereal box. So for this to work out perfectly, make sure it’s a box that has a bit more depth to it in the sides.

Supplies: cereal box, scissors and some type of adhesive, I used glue dots.

You want to keep the side with the tab on top intact. So mine was the front of the box.

This is where I lost the first box. Don’t cut through the bottom of the box and don’t unfold the bottom either. Cut right to the bottom.

Cut around the bottom to make it a flap.

Your box should now be flat.

Fold your box in half.

Then fold the bottom of the box (the non-tabbed side) in half.

So you want to cut down to those fold marks on the seam of the front of the box. so on the otherside of where I cut, it’s the front of the middle of the box.

The tabbed side of the box, you need to fold that flap in half.

You need to cut off some superfluous parts of the box. Hopefully you can match up what I cut off.

This is where you want to flip the box over. Otherwise you’re gonna have the pattern on the outside of the box… like I did with this one.

Work on the non-tabbed side of the box. You want to fold the side into the middle of the box.

Take those side tabs and glue them to the back of the box. You’ll then glue the bottom tab down.

So that’s the back tab, it’s all glued down.

You want to then fold down the sides. This is where the skinniness of the box started messing me up. You can see the edges aren’t matching up.

Fold the other two tabs in and glue them together. It forms the box.

Then tab the tabbed side and fold it over to close your box! It’s really cute. This one’s a tinier sort of box. It can fit some trinkets, maybe a T-shirt or a scarf. I bet you could adjust the size by cutting off a bit more.


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