Glue canvas artwork

It’s wedding weekend for my friend and I’m standing up for it so in the midst of all of this, I needed a little crafting time. I’ve seen the idea for using plain old school glue on canvas a few times. I love the design on this blog. I need to learn how to make that pattern.

Did you know glue is no longer in office supplies? They just have glue sticks and super glue there. I would have thought all the glues would be kept together. After two different store expeditions, I found the school glue in a children’s aisle.

Supplies: canvas, school glue and paint

I started making this swirly pattern that has been my go-to doodle since high school. Watch for bubbles and spots where the glue gets too light.

I did the whole canvas and then let the glue dry overnight.

This is when I’m advising not to do such a delicate pattern or keep everything as thick as possible. The design disappears otherwise.

In the right light, you can see the whole thing. But it just might be better for a thick amount.

I went over the whole canvas with baby blue paint with two coats. You need to watch all the nooks and crannies around the glue. Make sure to fill those.

It gives the canvas a bit of texture. Show up in the right light. This may be good for an ombre painting scheme too. Or just paint the entire canvas white if you like the glue sort of look. My canvas wasn’t a pure white, so if I had had white paint on hand I might have tried that. I definitely tried for a light color so that it remained delicate.



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