Confetti canvas

First off, if you didn’t see the post over the weekend, I started a Facebook page for Crafting and Cooking. So go like the page here.

I have a lot of canvases that need some love. A confetti canvas sounded like a great idea. Actually, it’s inspired by dishware by Kate Spade, but that’s what it was for the original blog. I found the artwork idea three clicks away here. I just loved the look of the circles cascading down the canvas. It sort of reminded me of the Focus Features logo.

Ignore the Mod Podge in the supplies photo. I had to abandon one circle because the Mod Podge started making the edges curl. I used Glue Dots instead and it worked perfectly.

Supplies: Canvas, paint, three different kinds of scrapbook paper, circle cutter and glue dots

Start by painting your canvas. I used a dark blue and I tried to make it look a bit streaky to give it some depth.

Take your circle punch and and punch out circles from the three types of paper. I got silver — one plain gray silver, one mirror and one silver glitter.

You’ll have more circles than you need. If you have a second canvas, you could use them for that.

Place your circles on the canvas. I know I played around with it for a bit until I found a layout I liked the best.

Use glue dots to secure the dots to the canvas and then hang on the wall. Super pretty.


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