Halloween glass painting

So, I can’t decide if the item I painted is going to be a candle holder or a tiny candy dish. I know… two candle holders in a week would be much.

But I have a confession: I’m not a big fan of Halloween. It just doesn’t appeal to me any more. I rarely dress up in costume unless I am going to . I stopped liking horror films when they went from slasher flicks to torture films. There are no trick-or-treaters in my building, so I don’t give out candy. Also, I hate candy corn. If I get candy corn I only eat the white part unless I’m really hungry.

Ok, I got a bunch of those Martha Stewart adhesive stencils because they were on clearance one week. They have a sheet of holidays and there are Halloween themed ones.

Supplies: Stencils, foam pouncers, a glass of some sort and paint. I used Martha Stewart craft paint, Carrot in the Satin and Beetle Black in High Gloss. These are just the craft paints you can use on all sorts of materials. Not the new glass paint line.

I put the Happy Halloween stencil on one side. I love that I can reposition these too.

I did one layer of the Carrot color. It was sorta light and it’s a bit streaky. I left it on to dry to do a second coat.

Then it was all bats! I did a quick sweep of the black paint, removed the stencil right away and moved it to paint another bat. It meant painted fingers, but I kept a paper towel near by.

I did three bats on the three other sides.

After a second coat of the orange, I pulled off the stencil.

There you go! All painted. Now, I’m choosing to air cure this, which is 21 days just aired out vs. baking the glass.  I love how the bats look. There were other stencils, like a hissing cat, a spider and a witch. But the bats win.


One thought on “Halloween glass painting

  1. Very cute! I’m inspired to get some stencils and paint, and I’m not a big fan of Halloween either! I tend to focus on the autumn aspect with decor, but throw in some jack-o-lanterns for a couple of weeks of October.

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