Revisiting fleece blankets

It’s fall! That means the return of coats and jeans and boots and all the fun stuff. I hate heat. Blech. But I’m sharing the link for no sew fleece blankets again.

In the photo above, you can see the three fleece blankets currently taking up residence on my couch. They’re actually arranged from top to bottom, oldest to newest funny enough. For some unknown reason, my apartment is a whole lot colder than it is outdoors. I find myself burrowing underneath anywhere from one to all three of those blankets at any given time.

I’m not complaining. I love cold weather.

I’ve stuck to Hobby Lobby for all my fleece blanket needs, but I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics fort the first time in a long time. Ribbon emergency. I had no idea they had such a massive selection of fleece. It made me want to make more blankets. But maybe I need to make fleece pillow cases.


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