Strategy board games

I had never played a strategy board game until this past year. Plus, the only time I had seen a strategy board game played was on Big Bang Theory, and it was used for more comic relief. So you know, prejudge, it’s something only for like super nerdy people. Ok, I admit I’m a nerd but I thought, well that’s to the extreme. Then my boyfriend picked up Ticket to Ride and I have now become hooked. Call me a super nerd. I can take it! 🙂

We’re amassing quite the collection of strategy board games right now, although there are a few games I won’t play ever again (ahem… Powergrid. Too much math for me.). The three in the photo above are my favorites, they all happen to have been played on the Tabletop series by Geek & Sundry hosted by Wil Wheaton too. I’m going to stink at explaining the games, it’s really more of a visual thing. I’m linking up the respective Tabletop episodes too.

I’m trying to set up a gaming party with friends, although it’s been tough trying to talk my friends into it! I’ll break them down eventually.

We have two different versions of Ticket to Ride, the US version and the European version. The game is a map of either place and there are destinations you need to get to. You do this by collecting a certain amount of color-coded cards and trading them in to build your train across the map. I find the US version is much more fun. The Europe version has extra tasks and cities I don’t really know. Oh, and I highly suggest you get the expansion pack otherwise you’re stuck playing with teeny cards. Tabletop episode

Elder Sign is a game involving cards and dice. You need to roll particular dice to defeat adventure cards. You need to defeat as many adventure cards and get elder signs in order to defeat a really bad monster. Or you get devoured. You get addicted to rolling the dice. Some rolls, the dice are really in your favor. Then the next, not so much. And then you lose sanity and stamina. Not really you, but game characters lose those along the way. Tabletop episode

Finally, there’s Small World. You are a race of particular magical creatures — elves, dwarves, amazons… rat men. You are trying to conquer different pieces of the game board and conquer your opponents’ dwellings as well. The game is different each time cause your character races also have some sort of extra power. So you could be flying elves or wealthy amazons, etc. Very dynamic. I’ve been eying Small World: Underground too. Tabletop episode

Here’s the latest Tabletop episode featuring Dixit, which might be joining the collection:

Do you have a strategy game you love playing?


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