Homemade instant oatmeal packets

Adding to the premade breakfasts I can grab in the morning: instant oatmeal. I love the maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal packets, but they can be salty and expensive. Time to make my own.

Here’s the deal, I have scoured the internet, and couldn’t find a recipe for maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal that doesn’t involve a liquid extract or maple sugar, which means a trip to more of a specialty food store for the sometimes more expensive maple sugar. I’ve looked it up, the maple sugar at Trader Joe’s is almost $5 for a 6 oz. bag, which is a deal compared to some of the other sugars I found. I think if you really want the maple part of the maple and brown sugar oatmeal, drizzle some on after making the packet.

I just decided that brown sugar would work. So it’s a two ingredient plus baggie recipe.

It was also a great coincidence that the much bigger Quaker Oats container was on sale. All you need is the oats and the brown sugar.

Measure out a 1/2 cup of oats and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Stick it in the snack bag. You’re done!

I like the whole oats in this recipe. Some other recipes do half whole oats and then half oats powder from a food processor. I tried a packet and it’s tasty.

I microwaved it with water for 1 minute 30 seconds. I eyeballed the water amount. Just the right amount of sweetness and oat-y-ness.

In less than 15 minutes, I made 10 packets and put them in what I’m calling my To-Go Basket. A basket filled with muffins, bagels and now instant oatmeal packets which I got for $1 at Goodwill.

Now all the easy to-go breakfasts I have available are right there on my table, easily accessible in the morning.

Mandy‘s Recipe Box

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