Glass etched initial candle holders

I have wanted to glass etch items since I saw this pin of a candle holder with a flower pattern. Then I saw this glass etched trifle bowl and another pin of a 9×13 glass pan etched with the family’s last name. I had to learn how to do this! I found a large container of Armour Etch on sale for like $10.

Well, my first attempt at glass etching was a total fail. I don’t know if you’d be able to see in the photo below:

But I tried to etch stars on a candle holder. The etchings were too light, the etching bled under the contact paper I was using, and I got etching cream on spots I didn’t cover with the contact paper. Total fail.

I started reading up on glass etching. I really wanted to give my friends candle holders as a shower gift with their last name’s initial etched in a circle. It also took me awhile to get the courage up to do it after my first failed attempt. And it took me awhile to figure out how I would do it. I don’t have a Cricut or anything. So how to get the initial there. And how to cut out the right size circle.

Supplies: sticker, contact paper, glass etching cream, paper punch

Ok, so I figured out that as long as you block the etching cream from a spot, your shape will work. I used a sticker and made sure it was on the candle holder I was using firmly. I also found a circle punch that was large enough. However, I still ran into a problem.

The punch I was using isn’t one you can use to punch wherever you want. It only goes right up to the edge of the paper/contact paper. So I had to line up a second piece of contact paper with the edge of the circle cut one. And then I had to pray that the etching cream came no where near that seam.

I slathered on the etching cream and let it sit 10 minutes. Then, while wearing protective gloves, I washed the cream off and hoped for the best. I peeled off the contact paper and the sticker.

And it worked! I did it twice. If you look at the candle holder on the left, you can see there is a tiny defect. I think the etching cream started shrinking away from the edge. So watch that.

But I’m extremely happy with how they came out! It’s so much easier to etch on a flat surface, by the way. I’ll need to work on etching glass items with a curve. Cute right?


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