Chalkboard herb pots

I’ve been wanting to try to make chalboard pots for awhile after seeing this pin. I liked the idea of chalkboard paint. Plus, when it comes to planters, if the plant dies you can just change the label on the pot.

I ran into a couple of problems though. The first, was that it’s been so hot in Illinois that going outside to do this craft was impossible for awhile if I wanted it to turn out right. The second, was that I really didn’t want to keep the project. As I said before, I don’t really have a green thumb.

It finally cooled off, which is good. And I decided, I’d make these pots for my mom. She likes fresh herbs.

Supplies: terra cotta pots, chalkboard paint, seed packets, chalk, masking tape

I bought 4 inch pots. They are small and can fit on a window sill easily. Start off by taping off any where you don’t want the paint to go. I wanted the lip to remain the orange color, so I taped that off. Also, since I’d be spraying these upside-down, I covered the hole on the inside.

Get out the spray and cover each of the pots fully.

I waited 20 minutes between coats. I coated them twice. Then I let them sit for another hour, which according to the spray can that’s when it is dry to the touch.

I really liked the color, it could have been pretty without the chalk too! I plan on giving my mom basil, parsley and rosemary along with the pots. And I made sure, the seeds are approved for indoor growing.

Now I waited 24 hours before doing this per the paint’s instructions. In order to make the paint chalkboard ready, you need to rub chalk on it.

It made the chalkboard area, well, chalky. So It might need scrubbing or a really good wiping in order to make it dark again.

Gotta practice my writing with chalk skills. That was it! A pretty simple craft and it’s a great gift for a plant lover.

Have you tried creating other crafts with chalkboard paint? There are a couple more I’d like to try, although I won’t be using the spray paint for those. I have some porcelain chalkboard paint to work with.

The Girl Creative

5 thoughts on “Chalkboard herb pots

  1. This is really neat!!! Really, really, neat. This would make a GREAT gift. I am not familiar with growing herbs, can they grow year round on a window sill? I see that you don’t have a green thumb, but it might be greener than mine 🙂

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