Salty, sweet dip

Not going to lie. As I write this post, I am eating this dip with abandon. It’s so good. And it’s sort of funny, I’m not a huge mango fan. This is my mom’s recipe, although I’ve co-opted it from the way she originally made it slightly. It’s been a real party pleaser even though when you describe it, people give that “Really? That tastes good?” sort of look.

There’s no real name for this. Mango chutney dip? But there’s more than mango chutney. So, salty, sweet dip it is.


Three ingredients, that’s it. Four if you count the crackers you serve it with.

– 8 oz. whipped cream cheese (makes it easier to blend quickly)
– Major Grey’s Chutney. This is in the same aisle as olives. Make sure you check the label. Don’t grab the hot version, unless you want to set your mouth on fire.
– Real Bacon Bits

First step, put the whipped cream cheese in your bowl. Then add half your jar of mango chutney.


Stir the mango and cream cheese together. It will get a bit more soupy. Set the mango chutney aside. You can always double the cream cheese.

Mix mix mix

Add in your bacon bits.

Add your bacon bits

Stir again! It’s ready to eat. You can always garnish with more bacon bits in the end.

Finished dip

Yum yum yum. The way my mom served this in the past was layering it on a plate or baking sheet. Cream cheese spread on the bottom. Mango chutney spread on top. Bacon bits on top of that. I like the bowl method better. Plus you get more of the flavors this way.

Do you have any dips you love to bring to parties? I would love to see your recipes.



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