Sticker magnets

I’m a big pop culture and entertainment buff. So finding was an awesome match. It’s Foursquare for the entertainment crowd. I check in to the shows and movies I’m watching. Once a month, you can get a set of actual stickers sent to you.

Since I’m past the age of sticking Lisa Frank stickers on binders and folders, I didn’t really know what to do with the stickers. Then I realized that my fridge was a blank slate. The answer was magnets!


Supplies: Stickers, scissors and magnetic sheets

Stickers on the magnet sheet

Stick your stickers to the magnetic sheets, which you can find at any craft store.

Cut out the sticker magnets

Cut around each of the stickers.

Magnets on the fridge

Then stick them to your fridge. As I get new stickers, I adjust the way my fridge looks. I put favorites to the top. I’m almost to the bottom of my fridge now. It adds a little spice to my kitchen. There’s probably an easier way to cut out these magnets, a punch of some sort. But scissors have suited me fine.

Have you made magnets of your own? I’d love to see yours!



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