Paperclip Earrings

As soon as I saw this blog post, I knew I had to try making paperclip earrings. After my first attempt, I can easily say this was the most difficult craft I’ve done so far. I actually started it at night and had to walk away after making one earring. Then I finished the other earring the next morning.

However, the second earring went a lot easier since I knew what I did wrong the first time and was able to adjust.


Supplies: paperclips bent into triangles, two hanging earring posts, floss or yarn, liquid stitch

So I chose a dark blue floss for this project. Start off the earring by tying one end of the string to one of your paperclip triangles. Then start winding the string around the triangle, so the metal gets covered. I apologize for the blurry photo below.

Start wrapping your string around your triangle paperclips

The best tip I can give you is use the liquid stitch as you go. My floss/string kept unraveling. The liquid stitch will keep it in place. Also tighten the string so the metal doesn’t peek through. Now the spot where the metal is separated, you could hot glue them together. I just wrapped the string around it the best I could. Some of the metal peeked out, but when I came around with the second piece of string it hid it.

As you go, use the liquid stitch to keep the string in place

Cut the string once the triangle is all covered. Secure everything with the liquid stitch and let dry. When it dries it’s clear.

Put the earring on the triangle

Once it’s dry, put the earring hook on. You can see in the photo above the metal end on the right side poking out a bit.

Tie on the second string so you can start wrapping it around the triangle.

Next, tie that second piece of string or the leftover piece you were working with onto your covered triangle. And then start wrapping it as straight as you can around the exterior of the triangle.

After you wrap the string around the triangle, secure with the liquid stitch.

I put the liquid stitch on the entire earring to keep it all in place. But I noticed the texture is really different. Check out the photo below, it’s a bit like hard glue-y/plastic-y. Since I did one earring that way, I had to do it to the other earring. The original blog post shows the liquid stitch on just the edges. So I might try that next time. I also want to try the web/nest style that was also featured in the original blog. There are also other blogs that show hearts instead of triangles.

Finished earrings

Not perfect, but good for a first attempt.

Original pin/Blog post

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One thought on “Paperclip Earrings

  1. I found these on Pinterest not too long ago. I did mine the same way you did yours with the glue on the back (easier that way) I also sewn in three beads on each earring to give it a little umph. Happy Crafting!

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