Open top terrarium

I’ve been dying to create a terrarium since a friend of mine created a really pretty one and posted a photo on Facebook. It’s taken me awhile to actually get down to making one though. Why? It took me four different trips to garden centers to find succulents that I really liked. I wanted a particular shape.

It figures, though, the one I really wanted, is really delicate and a bunch of the leaves fell off as I put it in the glass container. Sigh.


Supplies: Large glass container, plants, stones, sand, activated charcoal and soil.

I wanted an open terrarium, but you could do one with a lid. The charcoal is so the water gets filtered and doesn’t smell. The lady at the garden center pointed me directly to the soil that is for cacti and succulents. I got the stones at the dollar store. Win.

Rocks in the bottom of the container

Start layering. I put the stones in the bottom. I wish I had another bag so the stone layer was a bit more thick. This is mostly for filtering the water.

Activated charcoal and messy hands

Then do the charcoal. This is so the water that goes through won’t smell. I had a plume of charcoal that came up when I poured it in. My hands got dirty too. hehe.

Layer of sand

Sand layer! I got the sand from my friends’ house. They built a patio at their place and had extra sand lying around.

First plant

First succulent. I pulled it out of the container and loosened the soil that was around it.

Plants settled in

I put the other two plants in. As you can see, I massacred the larger plant. Sigh.

All the layers

Love how it looks though.

Finished terrarium

Hoping the plants live. I poured a little bit of water in cause the soil they had been sitting in was a bit damp. These are sort of perfect plants for me, cause I don’t have much of a green thumb. I usually forget to water plants. Since these don’t have to get watered often, it’s gonna be easier to handle.

Right now, my terrarium is sitting next to my shadowbox. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not the plants last!


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