An Olympics/London Shadowbox

Finished shadowbox

During my vacation, my suitcase started filling up with items that I knew I couldn’t put into my normal scrapbook. I decided to create a tabletop shadowbox with all my souvenirs. I was debating with myself whether or not to make two, since I had the London 2012 items and a couple of items from the Harry Potter Studio Tour I went on. Using  a 40 percent off coupon for Hobby Lobby, it was better to get one large shadowbox instead of two different sized ones.

So here’s what I was working with:

Shadowbox items

From the top left: A 16×20 shadowbox, a London 2012 newspaper featuring Michael Phelps in the corner, the Official London 2012 Programme, Harry Potter souvenir guide book, Harry Potter Passport, ticket to Harry Potter the Studio Tour, a timeturner keychain, three Olympic postcards, a Harry Potter bookmark, some left over coins, my Oyster card, my event tickets from the Olympics, an Olympic logo keychain, a keychain of the Olympic mascot dressed as a Buckingham Palace Guard and the Olympic map.

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff. But I started laying out the items in a nice order and was culling down the items.

Background layout

I used some glue dots to fan out the tickets and to stick the Oyster card to the map. The backing of my shadowbox was like a pinboard. So I pinned the newspaper and the two postcards in place so when they went vertical they wouldn’t fall. I needed some extra glue dots to keep the newspaper from folding over too.

Making sure everything looks right

I threw the keychains into the bottom and also the tour ticket. I’m left with the coins, one postcard and the passport not fitting into my scheme. I like how the postcards call out to the event tickets and how London 2012 is a theme throughout. I also kept the darker postcards on the same side as the dark Harry Potter guidebook.

First shadowbox I’ve ever made and I think it’s very nice. It looks good on my side table.

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