A delightful, delicate treat

Macarons in several colors and flavors.

I have a new obsession: the Parisian-style macaron or macaroon, depending where you’re from. We’re talking about the meringue type cookie sandwich with a creme or jam filling, not the coconut covered cookie.

My interest in this little treat started a couple years ago. Then Whole Foods did their international cookie sale a few months back and they had chocolate macaroons and raspberry macaroons that were delish. Then there was this almond macaroon that was absolutely AMAZING.

Well, I was lucky enough to go to Paris before London and having an actual Parisian macaron (sorry I keep switching the spelling) was on my must do list. Lucky for me, the macaroon is quite popular and readily available. My first taste was off a cart in the Musee du Louvre (pictured in the photo above). I had a raspberry one and then a caramel one, because I had to share the other two in the cup. Perfection. Then I had a vanilla one and a chocolate one from another cup, also had to share the other two. I’m so glad I don’t count calories because I bet these packed a punch.

There are so many different flavors available too. Different fruits, chocolate, coffee, caramel… it’s so hard to choose if you are given a selection. Especially when you’re paying 8€ for a small bag of five. I am terrible at math and money conversions, but I’m guessing that’s at least equivalent to the price of two grande caramel macchiatos from Starbucks.

Since I’m now back home, learning how to make macaroons is on my list of things to do. I know they can be pretty temperamental and hard work. But, the reward is too cute and tasty! Ever made a batch of your own?

A few other photos of macaroons in Paris:

A pastry platter. The bonbons on the far left were not tasty. The macaroons on the far right were really interesting.

Bag of macaroons from Angelina on Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

Large dessert macaroon with fresh raspberries.


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