Clothes organization

I am really trying to be more organized. I showed you how I’ve organized my kitchen and now this is how I’m organizing my folded clothes and scarves.

A friend of mine posted on her blog about this new folding method for drawers. Instead of stacking the clothes on top of one another, put them sideways. Check out one of my drawers:

Clothes folded into drawers sideways.

Isn’t it great? I actually have a lot more room in my drawers, plus I can see everything. I couldn’t see when they were stacked up, so I’d have to rummage through them and I’d make a mess. This has been perfect. Plus I’ve put tee shirts with tee shirts, tank tops with tank tops, grubby shirts with grubby shirts and so on and so on.

I still hate folding clothes, but this makes it so much easier to put them away.

I think the only drawer that hasn’t stayed this way has been my jeans. All my jeans are pretty much the same, so stacking them is ok.

Now, I am also a scarf lover, but I would throw them in drawers or on top of my headboard. They didn’t really have a spot of their own. I had a blank wall next to my dresser and voila:

Hung on the wall with small hooks.

Using small hooks, I display my favorite scarves. They don’t get wrinkly or all folded up. Plus I think they’re pretty, so I like having them displayed. I have about 10 hooks out. I do rotate the scarves if I’m washing one or I decide I like another scarf better. So there are a couple scarves in a cubbie hole near by.

If you have a great organizing tip, please share!

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