Tape painting v. 2.0

I decided that tape painting with only straight lines is no longer enough. I wanted to try other shapes and styles. Here is Tape Painting v. 2.0!

Supplies: circle stickers, thin tape, canvas, acrylic paint

Multicolored flowers

I started with thinner painting tape and circle stickers. I need to find a different type of circle sticker though, this kind didn’t feel like sticking to the canvas properly. If you want crisp paint lines, you need to make sure your stickers adhere to the canvas. Once you have the design you want, like my flowers, take your paint and paint over the entire canvas.

Paint all over the stickers and tape

I’d start by painting over all the stickers before painting over the plain parts of the canvas. It will help the stickers to be weighed down by the paint if they’re not completely sticking. Let the canvas dry, then unveil your design.

Finished tape painting

As you can see, there are a couple of spots where the paint bled under the stickers on mine. Still, it’s a pretty nice painting.

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