A beverage obsession

A bunch of beverage dispensers.

Let me preface this post with this fact: I don’t have a backyard, patio or even a balcony. A beverage dispenser just screams: “Party!” Yet, also in smaller text: outdoors. But, I have been eyeing every single glass beverage dispenser I have come across. It’s better than a punch bowl at parties and adds a little bit of prettiness to the drink table. Don’t you agree?

I have a few specifications. It has to be a glass beverage dispenser, not plastic. I go through stores, lightly tapping the dispensers. Plastic? Eh, no thanks. I find the glass ones to be a bit more classy.

Also, price has been holding me back. I couldn’t justify spending the $20+ on one for an imaginary party and have the dispenser just sit on a shelf or in a closet.

But finally, I found a dispenser that fulfilled my requirements of must be affordable and glass:

Glass beverage dispenser

Isn’t it pretty? It can hold 5.5 liters. I found it at Target and it’s currently in the summer clearance aisle for $6! It used to be $20. I might have picked up more than one, it’s totally the perfect gift. Fill the inside with the ingredients for a particular drink and include a few other recipes. Would love to give that to someone.

Now it’s time for me to start figuring out the perfect party punch recipes to serve in it. Have a good one? I’d love some suggestions!


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