Kitchen organization

My kitchen is unbearably tiny. I have about a 12×12 space on the counter I am able to use for cooking. It’s the one thing I dislike about my apartment, but it’s my home. I started seeing pins about organizing on Pinterest and I decided to get my act together. My system is far from perfect, but it’s better than it was.

I started in my pantry. Right now, I have a bit of overflow on my dining room/crafting table because there was a great sale on some pantry items. But this is how it looked when I first started:

My pantry doesn’t really look like this right now, it’s a little more messy. But I moved my baking goods into containers. Under the shelf holders are lifesavers. And I got a shelf organizer that had steps so I could see things.

Next I did my cabinets. I actually have to say, this worked amazing. I was wasting so much space in my cabinets. But using organizers that stood the pans up, freed up space. And I moved my pots and other little pans so they stacked up better.

I found organizers at the Dollar Store. The pan on the right was too big to fit into the slots, so I used wire cutters to get rid of one slot.

Another organizer from the Dollar Store and all my baking pans can be lined up.

Finally, my freezer. This I’m pretty happy with too. I don’t have frozen food items falling on me whenever I open the door. Although it feels like my freezer is a bit smaller now. It may be because I put the freeze pops in such a large container. But it is summer. When it’s winter, I’ll remove the basket and put more food in.

My freezer! There are four plate organizers that I stacked up to get three rows. The bottom left cubbie was built in. And since it’s summer, all my freeze pops found a home in that blue basket.

There we go! That’s all the organizing I’ve done.


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