Frosted vases

The vases in the original pin looked so elegant. I had to try it. I found some hurricane vases/candle holders at the Dollar Store and I had a coupon for a craft store so I got the spray paint.

Funny enough, I couldn’t find rubber bands for the life of me. Then I hit the rubber band jackpot. We have a store in the area called Five Below. Everything is $5 or less. I bought a 3 lb. bag of rubber bands. I won’t need to buy rubber bands ever again. They come in all sorts of sizes too. Thin, thick, tiny, large… haha

Frosted Vases 3

Supplies: clear glass vases or candle holders, rubber bands, acrylic clear coat, frosted glass spray (I used the white Krylon Frosted Glass Finish)

Frosted Vases 1

I wrapped the rubber bands around the vases in a pattern I was happy with. Also, I made sure all the bands laid flat.

Frosted Vases 2

I put down a couple of black garbage and flip the vases upside down. I applied two coats of the frosted glass spray.

Frosted Vases 4


I waited until the paint dried and then pulled off the rubber bands. Voila!

Now I also suggest spraying the vases with some sort of clear sealant. I didn’t do that with these vases and I scratched the paint. Whoops. I also just sorta threw them in a bag to transport and wasn’t careful with them.

Original pin


2 thoughts on “Frosted vases

  1. I tried this but when I took the rubber bands off the paint stuck to some parts of the rubber bands and peeled off a chunk of the paint. How do you take the rubber bands off with a nice clean edge?

    • Make sure you’re not over spraying. Or do a light spray, let it dry and then do another coat. The only reason I can think as to why that might have happened is that it puddled around the rubber bands slightly and then dried but pulled off when you removed the rubber bands.

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