Cake pops: Tips for making them

Time consuming, but yummy

Cake pops, adapted from Bakerella. I joined in the cake pop craze when they started popping up. They can be time consuming, but, oh so tasty.

Here are a few tips for what always works for me:

– I always use a box cake mix that is super moist, usually a white cake. The recipe on the back will mention just using the egg whites, but I use the whole egg and follow those directions.

– Let the cake completely cool before going to crumble it, otherwise it’ll start melting the frosting when you add it.

– I only use buttercream frosting. It holds the best. For the mixture, 3/4ths of a can gives the correct texture.

– Use a scooper when making the cake balls, so that they are pretty uniform.

– Don’t just stick the lollipop sticks into the cake balls. Make sure you first dip them in the melting chips so that they’re a bit more stable.

– I stick them in the fridge overnight and never coat them before that.

– When I’m ready to coat them, I work about 5 or 6 at a time, leaving the others in the fridge.

– I use a teacup or small coffee cup for the coating chips. I’ve learned anything larger, and it’s easier to burn the coating and then you have to throw it out.

– If you want to decorate the pops further it needs to be as soon as your done shaking the excess off. The coating will still be wet and then decorations like sprinkles will still stick.

– Use styrofoam bricks to dry your pops. And have the holes already pressed in or you’ll jostle the pop as you try to fit it into the foam.

– You can get individual baggies at craft stores if you want people to be able to take them home nicely. Or if you’re serving right away, just use a large serving bowl and place them inside gently.

If you have questions, you can tweet me @angelich.


4 thoughts on “Cake pops: Tips for making them

    • Thanks! Those ones are covered in vanilla candy melts and after I shook off the excess I rolled it through the sprinkles which I had poured on a paper plate.

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